Getting to Know Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella - July 15 - July 16, 2021

Firebird Children's Theatre

 Crew Who's Who 

  • Michelle Horoho head shot

    Michelle Horoho


    Michelle has been directing for Firebird for 7 years. She attained a Theatre Minor from West Chester University and has performed in community theatre for most of her life. She is currently working as a Music Teacher. She and her husband, Brian and four children are all involved with Firebird Theatre. She loves working with young performers putting together a live show.

  • Brian Horoho head shot

    Brian Horoho

    Musical Director

    Brian is the Choir Director at Upper Merion High School. He has been a Vocal Director for more than twenty musical productions. He has experience working with vocalists ranging from elementary school to retirement age.  He is also the Choir Director at Shannondell. Brian has been part of our summer programming since 2014. He is happy to be back doing live performances.

  • Sophie Withers head shot

    Sophie Withers

    Costume Designer

    Sophie has been involved making costumes with Firebird Theatre since 2012, enjoys the costume diversity, the creative process and the challenges that every show offers, especially historical and fantastical costuming. Sophie is very grateful for her husband Ed and her four children for being so supportive and understanding of her hobby as it usually takes over her house!

  • Julie Kruk head shot

    Julie Kruk

    Artistic Charge/Scenic Design

    Julie is best known for her specialty make-up, hair and wig and headpiece making skills, but this season she is also leading our Design Team and designing and decorating our sets and scenery. When Julie isn't creating magic back stage at Firebird, she teaches our Glam and Gore classes, is a teacher at Spring House and an makeup artist/lead designer at Pennhurst Asylum.  

  • Janet Hoehl head shot

    Janet Hoehl

    Executive Producer

    Janet is very excited to be back at the theater celebrating our 10th Anniversary Season with our incredible cast and staff. In addition to serving as President and Founder of Firebird, Janet can be found behind the scenes serving as a Producer or Director. Janet lives in Collegeville with her husband John and her four children, who have all been a big part of Firebird. 

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