The Spongebob Musical Youth Edition - July 12 - July 13, 2024

Firebird Children's Theatre


What a joyride it has been these past few weeks putting on The SpongeBob Musical Youth Edition here at Firebird Theater. This show is my directorial debut and I truly feel I hit the jackpot with this company and everybody involved. I have been a part of Firebird Theater for three years now both performing and assistant directing the mainstage show as well as being on staff for various workshops. When I got the call and agreed to direct this show, I was a bit nervous. The idea of directing my first show at a young age, early in my career, seemed a bit overwhelming. Just a few months later, sitting here at show weekend, I am very happy with my decision. 


The kids involved with this production are such great lights. They came to camp each day with such high energy that only seemed to increase throughout our days. Everyday was a new inside joke, witty comment, silly dance move…or some TikTok phrase I had never heard before. Seeing the camaraderie during rehearsals was so heartwarming. As a director, it was so important to not only teach them theater skills, but also to teach them how to be positive lights off stage for everyone they meet as life continues. It really was not too long ago when I was in their shoes at such a crucial age of growth and discovery, so I remember what it’s like to do theater while also going through life as a teenager. These kids constantly prove to me everyday what wonderful, talented human beings they are and I am so excited to see all they do moving forward, it will be nothing but amazing things. 


It cannot go without saying that this show would be absolutely nothing without its most incredible staff. This team constantly gave of their heart into every single thing they gave to this production. I truly don’t know what I would’ve done without them and I wish I could do so much more to thank them. Thank you to Elle Urbanski for making us sound absolutely fabulous. Another thank you to Evie Sullivan, Maddie Ladley, and Grace Urbanski for the most stunning scenic designs from the beautifully painted set to the iconic pineapple and of course, the cutest Gary model I’ve ever seen. To Annelise Geiss, who is my rock, keeps the kids (and me) in check, and created the most fantastic costume design for this show. Thank you to Safiyyah Jones for her incredible efforts helping with scenic, props, literally anything and everything. Safiyyah makes things happen like magic and I am so grateful for her. Shoutout to Sophie Sullivan who is a wonderful music director for these kids and her vast musical knowledge inspires me each day to better my craft. Sophie is another who does it all, even helping me with the iconic choreography in “When The Going Gets Tough”. Also, a huge thank you to Jackson Fisher. Jackson has helped immensely with pretty much every aspect of the show from blocking scenes to creating props and everything in between. Like my entire team, Jackson is also another who does it all and his kindness, humor, and joyful spirit is such an important asset to Firebird Theater. To Justin Damm for being a right hand man to all of us, getting anything we needed done and helping bring to life our incredible set. And of course, the woman who makes it all happen, thank you to Janet HoehI for not only giving me the opportunity, but for being there for us constantly and giving us her all 24/7. I truly did hit the jackpot with this team, and I hope they know what they meant to me and all the kids. Thank you for everything.


The SpongeBob Musical can sound like such a wild concept. We all think of the iconic Nickelodeon show we all grew up with and parents wanted to change the channel the second we looked away. But with the insane humor, larger than life characters, and silly randomness sprinkled throughout this show, there is a lot of heart and life lessons that can be found. SpongeBob teaches us the importance of friendship and coming together to make anything happen. In a world full of craziness and hate, we can always solve any turmoil we face by really sharing and submerging within the love we have with one another. Whether that’s family, friendship, significant other, or the simplicity of just sending love from one human to the next, it’s important we remember the power of heart and how a lot can be achieved if we come together, driven by kindness and love.


I thank you so much for allowing me to share the gift of theater with your amazing kids. We hope you enjoy the show and have the “BEST DAY EVER”.


With love,

Colin Mash 

Director & Choreographer

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