Disney's High School Musical - April 30 - May 09, 2021

Fontbonne Academy

 Who's Who 

  • Ava Lundbohm head shot

    Ava Lundbohm

    as Troy Bolton

    Ava is a junior at Fontbonne and could not be more thrilled to be performing High School Musical in such a unique way. This is Ava's fourth show with the Good Fountain Players; some of her prior roles in the GFPs include Joseph in It’s A Wonderful Life and Rizzo in Grease. She would like to thank her family and friends, especially Bella TW who has played the best interest imaginable. 

  • Bella Tatem-Welch head shot

    Bella Tatem-Welch

    as Gabriella Montez

    Bell is a junior at Fontbonne and is thrilled to have the opportunity to share her passion for theatre in her 7th GFP show! Some previous roles of her's include Sandy in "Grease", Annie in "Annie", Dorothy in "The Wizard of Oz" and most recently, Mary in "It's a Wonderful Life". She'd like to thank her extremely supportive friends, family, and teachers for encouraging her throughout the last few months. She can't wait for you to see Gabriella in action alongside some of her best friends- including Ava Lundbohm as the best Troy Bolton that Fontbonne has seen!

  • Emma Boothroyd head shot

    Emma Boothroyd

    as Ryan Evans

    Emma is a senior at Fontbonne and High School Musical will be her 10th production over the course of her last four years. Emma has participated in every show possible during her time at Fontbonne and she considers the GFP's a home away from home. She is so very grateful to all of her friends and family who have continually supported her, and she is incredibly lucky to have met some of her closest friends through the GFP's. She hopes you enjoy her interpretation of Ryan Evans!!

  • Abby Coughlin head shot

    Abby Coughlin

    as Sharpay Evans

    Abby is a sophomore at Fontbonne and is so excited to be a part of High School Musical with such an amazing cast and crew. This is Abby's second show with the Good Fountain Players and can't wait to continue being a part of such an amazing group of people for the next two years. She has had many fun roles, but this is by far one of her favorites! Abby can't wait to bring Sharpay to life on camera! She would like to thank her family, friends, castmates/crew members, along with Mrs. Winters, Ms. Valle, and Mrs. Fortier for their tireless work on this show.

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