The Addams Family - May 11 - May 14, 2022

Fort Hamilton High School

 Crew Who's Who 

  • Dani Abihzer head shot

    Dani Abihzer

    Stage Manager

    Dani is a senior in the dramatic arts academy and the stage manager of this production and many other productions that have been done at Fort Hamilton High School.

  • Elliot Crane head shot

    Elliot Crane

    Assistant Stage Manager

    Elliot Crane is overjoyed to be working with his fellow classmen. Elliot has worked on The Green Bird and The Nutcracker. Elliot would like to thank his fellow crew and cast for the laughs and memories.

  • Jake Burns head shot

    Jake Burns

    Assistant Stage Manager & Head of Wardrobe

    Jake is a freshman here at Fort Hamilton. He had participated in one show as the Head costume designer for the green bird play. Now he is Head designer and assistant director for The Addams family. He would love to thank Mr.Coulter, Mx.Sheilds, as well as Ms.Lessard for all of their hard work and dedication to this show and hopes that you enjoy.

  • Jeremy Thompson head shot

    Jeremy Thompson


    Jeremy Thompson is a senior.

  • Nicholas Cafagno head shot

    Nicholas Cafagno

    Special Student Help

    Nicholas Cafagno is a junior in the drama academy. He is a student assistant director on Addams family. He has no prior acting experience but over the summer wrapped up directing Marry Me starring Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson. He’d like to give thanks to his 3rd cousin Jorge for supporting his dreams.

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