Home Shopping Studios LIVE & Princess Party Smackdown - May 12

Freedom Crossing Academy

 Who's Who 

  • Avery Parker head shot

    Avery Parker

    as Bailey Happerly

    Avery parker is an 8th grade student at FCA . She enjoys hanging with her friends and acting . Avery played "Lurvy" in FCA's Theatre Production of Charlotte's Web and has taken theater for 3 years here at FCA. She's very excited to go to Bartram High School next year and to hopefully continue her love for theater.

  • Ashlyn Wilson head shot

    Ashlyn Wilson

    as Diane St. John

    Ashlyn is a current 8th grader at Freedom Crossing Academy. This is her 2nd Freedom Crossing show as her debut was "Wilbur" in the 2021 production of Charlotte's Web. Ashlyn has many passions such as watching shows/movies, reading, and baking. She would like to thank her family, friends, and cat for their support, and Mrs. Hunsinger for being an awesome teacher and a great role model!

  • Snikitha Lakkireddy head shot

    Snikitha Lakkireddy

    as Richie/Cinderella

    Snikitha Lakkireddy is an 8th grader at FCA. She loves to sing, read, travel and spend time with family and friends. She was previously a narrarator in FCA's Theatre production of Charlotte's Web and hopes she will get to be a part of other fun experiences. Snikitha would like to thank her parents and Mrs. Hunsinger for their hard work and support!

  • Michelle Kirkham head shot

    Michelle Kirkham

    as Rebecca/Mother

    Michelle is an 8th grader and was Edith Zuckerman in the FCA Theatre 2021 production of Charlotte's Web. She enjoys other activities such as choir, cheer, and going to the beach. Next year she will be going to Creekside High School.

  • Eliza Archaga head shot

    Eliza Archaga

    as Judith

    Eliza is 14, she is excited to be attending Bartram Hight School next year joining the JROTC Academy. She likes sports, music and food. She is a middle child and Latina! 

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