The Mystery of Edwin Drood - May 01 - May 04, 2014

Freedom High School


Crew Members  
Production Stage Manager  
Katie Zigadlo  
Assistant Stage Manager  
Madeline Helmstadter  
Technical Director  
Paul Meckel  
Assistant Music Director  
Courtney Leipertz  
Scenic/Set Designer  
Kareem Mohamed-Ameen  
Set Crew  
Seoyoung Kim, Allison Zigadlo
Lighting Designer/Master Electrician  
Rachel Holcomb  
Lighing Crew  
Megan Shields, Colby Barnes
Sound Designer  
Gaby Greiner  
Marketing & Publicity  
Kareem Mohamed-Ameen  
Publicity Crew  
Jackie Coates, Madeline Helmstadter, Seoyoung Kim
Properties Designer  
Katie Zigadlo  
Props Crew  
Megan Zywicki  
Makeup Designer  
Ryan Alexiou  
Costume & Makeup Crew  
Eulena Linsangan, Natalie Paragrive, Simmu Pandher
Morgan Taylor, Meena Knowles, Corinne MacLean
Cast Photos/Videos  
Kareem Mohamed-Ameen  
Running Crew  
Jay Smith, Steve Xavier, Hunter Upson, Ashley Crouch, Brittany Harris, Jake Tyler, Scott Rogers, Seoyoung Kim, Neha Kapur



South Riding, VA

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