Shrek The Musical - July 19 - July 20, 2019

Front Range Theatre Company


Cast Members  
Sam Evins  
Gabe Legg  
Zoe Howell  
Lord Farquaad  
Tristan Collins  
Erin Pearson  
Gingy, Rat Dancer  
Kyra Archuleta  
Pinocchio, Knight #5  
Cameron Geoffrion  
Elphaba (Wicked Witch), Mama Ogress, Ogress Fiona  
Sam Garvey  
Papa Ogre, Knight #1, Big Bad Wolf  
Eli Testa  
Queen Lillian, Duloc Dancer, Dragon Dancer  
Katelyn Carr  
King Harold, Papa Bear, Knight #4  
Cooper Atchison  
Thelonius, Young Shrek, Farquaad's Dad  
Ash Howell  
Captain of the Guards, Happy Person  
Brenna Curry  
Greeter, Bishop, Guard #4  
Mia Wang  
Guard #2, Peter Pan  
Tyson Riches  
Guard #5, Happy Person  
Ethan Lerner  
Knight #2, Elf #1  
Isabella Kiely  
Narrator, Knight #3, Duloc Dancer  
Erin Corr  
Young Fiona, Elf #2, Dragon Dancer  
Sydney Grant  
Teen Fiona, Dragon Dancer, Bridesmaid  
Claire Casey  
Happy Person, Pied Piper, Dragon Dancer  
Mallory Pyka  
Duloc Dancer, Three Blind Mice, Scarecrow  
Ariel Bailey  
Duloc Dancer, Three Blind Mice, Sugar Plum Fairy  
Delaney Sweeney  
Duloc Dancer, Three Blind Mice  
Addison McNeill  
Cinderella, Rat Dancer, Duloc Dancer  
Reagan Doleman  
Rat Dancer, Red Riding Hood  
Kara Suhr  
White Rabbit, Dragon Dancer  
Cathryn Church  

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