Fame The Musical - June 11 - June 12, 2021

Front Range Theatre Company


Act I  
Hard Work  
Nick, Serena, Joe, Carmen, Mabel, and Company
I Want To Make Magic  
Can't Keep It Down  
Joe, Students
Jack's Rap  
There She Goes/Fame!  
Carmen, Students
Let's Play A Love Scene  
Bring On Tomorrow  
Schlomo, Carmen
Teacher's Argument  
Miss Bell, Miss Sherman
Act II  
The Junior Festival  
Nick, Serena, Carmen, Joe, and Company
Think of Meryl Streep  
Mabel's Prayer  
Mabel, Girls
Dancin' on the Sidewalk  
Jack, Students
These Are My Children  
Miss Sherman
In L.A.  
Let's Play A Love Scene (Reprise)  
Nick and Serena
Bring on Tomorrow (Reprise)  
Schlomo, Serena, Nick, Lambchops, Iris, Jack, Joe, Mabel, Goody, Students

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