Legally Blonde The Musical, Jr. - July 10

Gamble Rogers Middle School

 Crew Who's Who 

  • Olivia Guernon head shot

    Olivia Guernon

    Stage Left Manager

    Olivia Guernon has been in 5 shows include Grease and 100 Dresses. She will be attending Pedro Menendez High School. She is "so much better" because of being in theatre. 

  • Avondale Chinsio head shot

    Avondale Chinsio


    Avondale Chinsio is a rising 9th grader. She has been in 5 shows. She is going to St. Augustine High School for the Center for the Arts. She is "so much better" because of her mom.

  • Bess Martin-Willott head shot

    Bess Martin-Willott


    Bess a 12-year-old rising 7th grader who enjoys both musical theatre and theatre. Bess is most know for the previous role of Grandma Addams in The Addams Family. Bess is "so much better" because of theatre.

  • Savannah Gregory head shot

    Savannah Gregory

    Savannah is 13 years old and  a rising 8th grader. This is her first production. Savannah is “so much better" because of the support of my friends.

  • Kaiala Wilkerson head shot

    Kaiala Wilkerson


    Kaiala Wilkerson is 12 years old and a rising 7th grader. She wants to become a behavior conservationist when she grows up. She is "so much better" because of her mom.


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