Big Fish - March 12 - March 15, 2020

George C Wallace State Community College-Hanceville


We would like to thank the Wallace State Community College administration; in particular Dr. Karolewics, Dr. Beth Bownes-Johnson, and their assistants, Kourtney Harris, Harriet Mayo, and Linda Wesley.


Thanks to Ricky Burks, Tiffany Richter, Jacob Keisler, Mark Neal, and Heather Gillikin for all their help on this show.


Our gratitude to the WSCC Marketing department for designing the show posters and printing our programs.


A special thank you to the Health Sciences department, especailly April Sutherland and Jim Malone, for allowing our use of the ultrasound machine and gurney - some props are harder to source than others!


And many thanks to the Theatre Appreciation class, as well as the cast and crew, for their assistance in getting the set and stage ready!

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