Fame - May 31

George Westinghouse College Prep


Crew Members  
Stage Manager  
Yarissa Ceron  
Assistant Stage Manager  
Andy Chen  
House Manager  
Jennifer Arias  
Box Office Manager  
Ingrid Valdrez  
Front of House Crew  
Marianela Figueroa, Kiara Johnson, Jule Kilgore-Reed, Jo-Hanna Kraal, Monzerratt Lopez, Cameron Parker
Sound Effects  
Yanise Berry  
Ms Harris and Broadcast Students  
Additional Camera  
Abby Chafe  
Set Dressing  
Keith Dumbleton  
Set Dressing  
Angelica Krajewski-Conzen  

Special Thanks to Alison Rootberg of Wellness for Everyone for guiding us through the grant process and connecting us with Porchlight Music Theater.


Thank you to our friends and families for their unconditional and unending support.


As always, thank you to the administration, engineering and custodial staff who make everything work!

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