Spongebob - January 14 - January 22, 2022

Glenn HS Theatre

 Who's Who 

  • Sophia Parmenter head shot

    Sophia Parmenter

    as Spongebob

    I love being in shows here, I get to work with my best friends and incredibly talented people. My mom is my biggest supporter, she is always asking if she can help me with my lines or if she can bring anything to rehearsal, love you mom! I've been in many plays and musicals here but this show has the most taleted group of people i've worked with. I love all of my cast! 

  • Kaylee Winkley head shot

    Kaylee Winkley

    as Patrick

    Kaylee is excited to perform in her last musical. She’s participated in many productions with Glenn theatre. Recent appearances include Glenn High Schools spring production of Putnam county spelling bee as Olive And a fall production of Little Women as Meg. She would like to thank her family for supporting her.

  • Alexis Lambrecht head shot

    Alexis Lambrecht

    as Sandy

    Lexi is a junior at Glenn and has been in theatre for 2 and a half years. She has been in 4 shows including Spongebob, Little Women as Amy, The 25th annual Putnam county spelling bee as Marcy Park, and Men on boats as Bradley. She would like to thank Mrs. Morton and her family for always supporting her!

  • Aiden Gibson head shot

    Aiden Gibson

    as Squidward

    Aiden Gibson is the one casted as squidward for this performance. Aiden is 16 years old and a junior in Glenn high school/Leander High school. His reaspn for joining this spectacle was to experience a high school musical for the first time. As Aiden's second musical performance he is a little anxious but is all round trying his best to match up to the expertise of the others in this musical.

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