Legally Blonde, Jr. - January 10 - January 12, 2019

Gold Hill Middle School


We put our hearts and souls into this production each year, but even with all we've got, we still must acknowledge those who make all of this possible:



  • Parents, thank you for listening to the music (over and over) and schlepping your kiddos around town to rehearsals. Your support, volunteer hours, and dedication are noticed and very much appreciated.
  • FMHS, we love you!!! Thank you for allowing us to invade your space each year. We hope we leave it better than we found it.
  • GHMS Administration, we love that you trust us to bring out the best in our students, and we appreciate all your support for the Related Arts team.
  • Showtime Theatre Company of Rock Hill, you made costumes a breeze this year. Thank you for supporting our production.
  • Earth Fare, thank you for providing snacks all week for the cast and crew. You saved them from starving and the auditorium from a mess!
  • Jennifer Hughes and the FMHS Drumline, thank you so much for being willing to add incredible pinache to our show!
    • Aubreigh Barnes
    • Jack Dean
    • Sam Garcia
    • Aidan Harris
    • Zach Hart
    • Monty Montgomery
    • Marvin Moore
    • Jacob Panov

               You guys rocked it!





All our appreciation & adoration,

Aislinn Call & Leslie Shrum

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