A Midsummer Night's Dream - August 11 - August 14, 2022

Goodly Frame Theatre

 Who's Who 

  • Briana V.

    as Puck, or Robin Goodfellow, Oberon’s lieutenant

    Briana was not expecting this role and is stumped about what to tell the good readers of this program! She has fond memories of doing Midsummer in high school but has mostly remained backstage or in the audience since then. This marks her first time working with Goodly Frame; she thanks Meredith and Sarah W. for creating a warm and witty rehearsal space.

  • John Swain head shot

    John Swain

    as Theseus, Duke of Athens, and Oberon, King of the Fairies

    John’s proudest theatrical accomplishments are his translations of contemporary Japanese plays published by the Japan Playwrights Association. Other credits include director, producer, playwright, and dramaturg. He appeared in the Evening of Short Plays as drag queen Kitty Bang Bang, AKA Denny, in Cari Hopson’s “Homecoming” (GPF), and as Buckingham in Richard III (SRPAC).

  • Laurie Allen head shot

    Laurie Allen

    as Hippotyta, Queen of the Amazons, and Titania, Queen of the Fairies

    Laurie Allen is excited to be able to perform in a show with her daughter Lily. Laurie is a non-diet dietitian and nutrition professor at UNCG. She likes hanging out with her family and doing impressions at the dinner table. She’d like to thank her first acting teacher, Katie Damron, and Meredith DiPaolo Stephens for their patience, kindness, and direction.

  • Bobbie Liggett head shot

    Bobbie Liggett

    as Lysander, young courtier in love with Hermia

    Bobbie Liggett discovered her love of theatre three years ago and since has enjoyed opportunities to act onstage and online with Goodly Frame Theatre, Creative Greensboro, and Triad Playwrights Theatre. Bobbie lives in Greensboro with her boyfriend, Jesse, their evil cat Fevil, and their dog, Anna the Destroyer.

  • Brittany Corne head shot

    Brittany Corne

    as Demetrius, preferred by Egeus as a match for Hermia

    Brittany Corne is originally from Winston Salem, NC. She has a BA in musical theatre from Greensboro College. Her favorite roles include magenta in The Rocky Horror Show, Dr. Charlotte in Falsettos, and Janet in Yankee Tavern. She is so excited to work with Goodly Frame and Creative Greensboro for the second summer in a row!

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