Spamalot - January 14 - January 16, 2022

Granbury High School


Act One  
Scene 1
Scene 2
Fisch Schlapping Song  
Mayor, Ensemble
Scene 3
Monk's Chant  
King Arthur's Song  
Arthur, Patsy
Scene 4
Monk's Chant  
I Am Not Dead Yet  
Robin, Lancelot, Man, Bodies
I Am Not Dead Yet - Playoff  
Lancelot, Robin, Bodies
Scene 5
Lady of the Lake  
Arthur, Patsy, Dennis, Mother
Scene 6
Lady of the Lake (cont.)  
Lady of the Lake, Chorus
Lake Girls  
Arthur, Patsy, Laker Girls, Chorus
The Song That Goes Like This  
Dennis, Lady of the Lake, Laker Girls
The Knighting of Galahad  
Scene 7
All For One  
Arthur, Knights, Patsy
Scene 8
Knights of the Round Table  
Arthur, Knights, Lady of the Lake, Laker Girls
Scene 9
Voice of God  
Arthur, Knights, Voice of God
Scene 10
Find Your Grail  
Arthur, Lady of the Lake, Knights, Laker Girls, Ensemble
In Search of the Grail  
Arthur, Patsy, Knights
Scene 11
The Rabbit  
Arthur, Knights, Taunter, French Guards, Frenchies
Run Away!  
Arthur, Patsy, Knights, Frenchies, Brits

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