Enbylievable - October 31

Great Mills High School

 Chosen Extras 

Plot Synopsis


Act One


We begin in the hallways of Great Mills High School (High School), as Andi delivers their feelings about it. After the song, the school bell rings, and everything turns to pitch black. A news annoucement is delivered over the speakers about COVID-19. (News Announcement 1). Returning back to light, Andi is sitting on their bed, as they questioned how this started. (What Did I Do Wrong?) A call comes through on Andi's phone. It's Achya. Achya appears on the opposite end of the stage. (Are You Okay?) The two then discuss the events of the past few weeks, expressing how the other has helped so much (Best Friends). Cutting to black, we return to Andi sitting at their desk in their bedroom. (End Of Summer, Online School). Cutting to black, we flashback to younger Andi as they sing about their new dignosis (ADHD Plus Anxiety). Cutting to black again, we hear the sound of a doorbell and a letter being torn open as younger Andi appears on stage again, opening a letter. (I Got In!) It's an acceptance letter for the STEM program. A news annoucements broadcasts again, stating that schools are reopening in two months. (News Announcement 2).


Act Two


Another call comes through on Andi's phone as they sit on their bed again, and Aspen appears opposite stage. A fight ensues (Toxicity), and Aspen storms offstage. Andi collapses in tears (Friendless). The stage cuts to black, and there's a news annoucement, restating that schools reopen the next day (News Announcement 3). We now return to the hallways of Great Mills High School (High School [Reprise]), everyone now wearing a mask. The school bell rings, and we go to after school. Achya and Andi are walking to the library (Best Friends [Reprise]). At the library, Andi and Aspen see each other. Aspen apologizes (I'm Sorry). Andi accepts, but explains that maybe they should take a break (For The Better). Cut to black, and now we have a flashback to the first day of STEM (So Smart), with younger Andi. Back to present times, a call with Melissa follows (Weirdos). Cutting to black, we see a few months pass. It's now January, 2021. The news have reported on a treatment being found. (News Announcement 4). Quarantine is offically over. Back to school, in the hallways of Great Mills High School (Back At It Again), Andi and Achya embrace after months of not seeing each other. (I Missed You). The school bell rings. At the lockers, Andi and Melissa see each other again (Weirdos [Reprise]). In a finale, Andi expresses how the past fourteen years have shaped their life (Life-Changer). 



Critical Review


I am hard on myself because I always want to do better. I tell myself I can do better. "Go the extra mile! Do the extra problem! Double-check that paper!" But often, it ends up in long nights, studying until ten at night, even later, with trouble sleeping. Reading all the books, flipping through the textbooks, trying to get ahead -sometimes it's not healthy. My parents push me to do well, in a good way, and so do my teachers. But when I'm convinced there's always more to do - well, it doesn't always work out well. Sometimes, I end up just trying to add more stuff and make it better, but my exhaustion gets the best of me and it looks half-finished. I almost always do the extra credit. "It's important!" I tell myself. "Straight A's! You need them for college!" My parents have pushed me to already start looking for scholarships - even though I know it's just so I can do my best, even in college, so I'll have more opportunities - it's worried me. I need to get the best grades to get the best scholarships to go to the best college, I tell myself. Again and again and again, getting ahead, doing my best to never fall behind. I hope, that throughout the year, I can let myself relax some more. I can do something on the weekend instead of rushing to get it done late at night instead. I can let myself plan more, finish projects close to the due date, not worry about college so early. I'll tell myself that doing my best is enough. And it is.

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