Poe: Dreams of Madness - February 27

Great Neck North High School - Junior Players

 Who's Who 

  • Yuval Ambalo (Blue Guest/Police 2) head shot

    Yuval Ambalo (Blue Guest/Police 2)

    This is Yuval's last play and he has a different feeling towards it. Since it’s through a screen, it doesn’t feel the same....but Yuval will still try to enjoy it as best at he can!

  • Samantha Becker (Mad Narrator) head shot

    Samantha Becker (Mad Narrator)

    Samantha has taken part  in many Junior Players shows in her past years of high school. She is so excited to be a part of this year's Junior Players production Poe: Dreams of Madness and cannot wait for everyone to see it!

  • Carol Beyda (Masqued Narrator 1/Eliza) head shot

    Carol Beyda (Masqued Narrator 1/Eliza)

    Carol Beyda is a senior and is so excited to be a part of the fall play! Last year she performed as Charity in Anything Goes and Officer Welch in Rumors. She’s looking forward to making new memories with her friends throughout rehearsals :)

  • Jack Brenner (Prince Prospero) head shot

    Jack Brenner (Prince Prospero)

    Jack is very excited to be portraying Prince Prospero in this year’s play. It has been an interesting process but Jack is proud of the results and is grateful for the incredible teachers that helped to put this show together. Special thanks to Jack’s parents for always supporting him, and his siblings for being his best friends. Please, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

  • Nathaniel Charasz (Poe) head shot

    Nathaniel Charasz (Poe)

    Nathaniel can’t wait for you all to see Poe: Dreams of Madness! This is his first time in a Junior Players production, though he has done a little bit of acting before in other places. Nathaniel loves making bread, pasta, and other dough-based goods. He also enjoys mathematics and computer science. Enjoy the show!

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