The WIZ Junior - May 11

Greenbrier Elementary School

 Director's Letter 





For 50 Years the wiz has delighted audiences and revolutionized broadway.In 2023 The WIZ was revived for a pre broadway tour and a 6 month broadway engagement.It has been acknowledged that there are only 2 official licensed productions of the Wiz in the United States the broadway production Starring new actress Nichelle lewis and Greenbrier Elementary’s spring production Starring Dalaynni Teasett.

We have been excited about The WIZ Jr. at Greenbrier Elementary School for several months. I am so proud of the students that put in the work to bring this show to life. Without the wonderful children performing in this show the costumes, set, and prop pieces are just foam, fabric, poles, and feathers but when we add all our students they breathe life into these amazing works of art and become amazing creatures and were thrilled to be able to present it to you The WIZ Jr. Enjoy the show!


Mr. J. Stewart


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