The Most Epic Birthday Party Ever - May 13 - May 14, 2022

Greenwood Christian Academy

 Crew Who's Who 

  • Giana Doria head shot

    Giana Doria

    Tech Crew

    Giana is 14.  She used to play softball. She likes dog and is nice sometimes.

  • Mimi Ransby head shot

    Mimi Ransby

    Stage Crew

    Mimi loves Fashion.

  • Lucas Miller head shot

    Lucas Miller

    Tech Crew

    Lucas is currently a Junior at GCA North; He has attended GCA for 12 years. For the past couple of years, has has run the tech for multiple GCA events and programs.

  • Seth McNichols head shot

    Seth McNichols

    Tech Crew

    Seth has been attending GCA for 4 years.


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