Mary Poppins - October 24 - October 26, 2019

Hannibal High School



Senior Recognition

These talented seniors are participating in their final HHS musical.  We applaud their energy, effort, and leadership and wish them success in their future endeavors.


Austin Brown, Jana Hinds, Savannah Jepson, Trent Kempker, Katie McCollum, Isaac Reinwald, Hayden Rice, Meghan Sanders, Liz Stilley, Emily Sullivan, Mason Ward







Our production would not be possible without the help and support of the following people in our district.


Susan Johnson, Superintendent

Meghan Karr, Assistant Superintendent

Shawn Brown, Assistant Superintendent

Rich Stilley, Business Manager

Ted Sampson, Shelia Tuley, Jake Greving, Jason Noland, HHS Administration

Clint Graham, Activities Director

Ronya Brones and Janet Parks

Eric Skeen and the Maintenance Staff

Steve Smith and the HHS Custodial Staff

Pirate Choral Club

Parents of the Cast and Crew






Thank you to the following for the donation of

goods and services:

Jeff and Kori Locke

Jason Noland

Mike and Cheryl Ruhr

Rhonda Sampson

Carrie Smashey and Susan Smashey

Chris and Cassie Sullivan

Rich and Jenny Valuck




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