9 to 5: The Musical - October 18 - October 21, 2018

Harrington Theatre Arts Company

 A Special Thanks to... 

The Resident Ensemble Players at the University of Delaware for graciously allowing us to rent the most authentic 70s garb.

Milburn Stone Theatre for the use of their desks, typewriters, telephones, and everything else that made Consolidated really look like a functioning office.

Alex Curnyn and the entire publicity team for their countless hours of brainstorming and dedication to make sure our show was well publicized and highly anticipated.

Rebekah and Sharon for obtaining the oddest of prop requests.

Cara, Coleson, and Chris for building not one, but three rotating set pieces.

Deanna and Julia for aesthetically designing said set pieces.

Allie and Chloe for their costuming efforts and ensuring that we were doing 9 to 5 and not a production of

Jack, Mattie, Julia, and assistants for allowing the cast to be seen and heard. There would be no show if it weren’t for you guys and gals in the booth.

Victoria and Lia for styling the cast’s hair and make-up just right.

Declan for assembling pages upon pages of the playbill.

Melanie for all of our beautiful photographs.

Jess for being the best Graphic Designer and taking multiple stick figure drawings and turning them into real, tangible, beautiful graphics.

The HTAC Board for operating a well-oiled machine that allows us to put on two productions a semester.

The Addams Family Cast and Crew for supporting us, scheduling with us, and allowing us to steal your music director for two weeks.

Our cosponsors; SCPAB, SGA, RSA, and the Lavender Programming Board.

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