Dogfight - March 15 - March 18, 2018

Harrington Theatre Arts Company

 Director's Note 

Before I give my shpiel on how amazing this production has been, I would like to thank all of you for taking your time and choosing to see Dogfight. Whether you are a family member or a friend, a fellow member of HTAC, or someone who just got lost while looking for a class in Pearson, thank you.


 Dogfight is a challenging show. The music has a mind of its own, the actors have to get their heads around complex characters, and most importantly, you as the audience have to question what you are watching. When I first watched Dogfight, I was shocked by how many emotions the show made me feel. I fell in love Rose’s strength and courage, I was disappointed in Eddie’s choices, and I was enraged with the marines’ actions. This show encourages the audience to laugh, cry, and even get pissed off and that’s why I loved it so much. I hope you experience this rollercoaster of emotions throughout the show and keep an open mind.


To the cast, thank you for making my job so easy. I had no clue what I was getting myself into when I first decided to direct a musical, especially a one month Pearson block, and your talent guided me through out the process. I can’t thank you enough for just being your talented selves and for bringing this show to life. 


To Ellie, holy cow, we did it!!! Thank you for being so level-headed and for translating my crazy thoughts into eloquent ideas. I can’t believe how far we have come since makeup from BATB. Love you so much, and I am so happy we were able to direct a show together.


To Declan, thank you for keeping this production together. You have handled everything with immense professionalism and have been able to keep everything under control. I don’t know how you have been able to do all this while making sure everyone is having a fun time.


To Sarah, the choreography is beautiful. Every movement has a purpose and your hard work really shows off. I’m so happy that our hair and makeup team has turned into this amazing rehearsal team.


To C(l)ara, I have no idea where to start. Only you two could have scheduled out this four week block and make sure everything got done. You both have gone above and beyond for this show and I am extremely grateful.


To Brett and Joseph, thank you for teaching this crazy music to the cast and constantly surprising us with your talent.


To the pstaff, thank you all for the amount of work you have put into this show. I truly appreciate everything you have done. No job is too small in a show like this, and everyone killed it.


To my family, thank you for supporting my love of theatre since I was a kid and for going to every show I have been a part of, even if it was just to see the set I designed or some other kid in the makeup I did for them. I am so lucky to have you all in my life and I can’t wait for you guys to see the show.


-Chelsea Kirnum


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