Pippin - May 03 - May 05, 2018

Harrington Theatre Arts Company


To our amazing cast and pit, your talent never ceases to amaze me. Even so, that does not even compare to how amazing you are all as people, and I wouldn’t want to share this production with anyone else.

To Kate, for handling all the problems that I didn’t want to deal with, and managing this production with incredible grace and professionalism.
To Jessie, for always keeping me in check and for all the work you put in to learning this production, as well as being a wonderful president and friend.
To Karla, without whom this production would not be what it is. I’ve never been involved in a production with such incredibly thought out and brilliant choreography, and your passion for this show and its history is incredible.
To Joseph, for being there from the start to the end of my HTAC career, and for the wonderful musician, thespian, and friend you are.
To Dana, for doing a phenomenal job working with our cast and shaping the great music in this show.
To Gabby, Taylor, & Gillie, for doing so much work that not many will see. You kept this show running as smooth as silk throughout the process and it wouldn’t have been possible without you.
To Cara, for taking my crazy idea and building it, you have grown so much throughout this process and I couldn’t be more proud of the HTAC tech team.
To Chelsea & Deanna, for bringing color and life into Bacchus through your wonderful artwork and thought-out designs.

To Jasmine & Julia, for bearing with me as I asked the world from you, and delivering through and through.
To Brett & Gillie, for balancing our talented musicians and performers and setting the atmosphere.
To Ellie & Clara, for delivering above and beyond on every crazy props request I could think of.
To Melanie, for being a joy to work with on your first HTAC show and first as a costume designer. Your professionalism and skills were a wonderful asset to this show, and I was so happy to get to work with you.
To Morgan & Chelsea, for doing a great job creating unique designs for all our cast members.
To Grace, Zack, Emily, & Alex, for spreading the word and using unique ideas to publicize this show. You are HTAC’s publicity dream team.
To Paul & Jess, for creating nuanced graphics that effectively communicated the vision for this show.
To Declan, for writing me checks and handling the logistics of this ~interesting~ house.

To John O’Connor and Music Theatre International, for allowing us to perform the revised version of this production on short notice.

To Alex Keen, Sandy Wheeler, and the Student Involvement Office, for their incredible support of HTAC even when we get a little too loud singing showtunes in our office.

To the Cathy Corsi, Dennis McBrearty, and the Perkins Student Center Staff, for being incredibly accommodating throughout this process.

To our cosponsors SCPAB, Haven, SGA, & RSA, for making this show possible.

To Mainlight Indust, for the wonderful lighting equipment.

To the Cast and P-Staff of Dogfight, for your constant support of our production.

To our wonderful Alumni, for continuing to stay in touch with us young people.

To You, the audience member. Without your support of our productions HTAC would not exist. We thank you and hope you enjoy the show!


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