Spring Awakening - March 15 - March 23, 2019

Harrington Theatre Arts Company


To the cast, your dedication to this production in such a short time is both inspiring and appreciated. You are the main reason my vision has been brought to life. You are proof that HTAC is growing in numbers and in talent. Thank you and I love you.


To Taylor, thank you for the late night phone calls and copious amounts of messaging. You have kept me sane and have been the ultimate production manager. You were always on the ball and were there to lend a helping hand whenever someone needed. I love you, our friendship and us as a team. Sharing my last show with you is something I’ll never forget.


To Franny, thank you for your ideas, notes, and overall passion for this production. I’m so honored you decided to observe under me. I can’t wait for the day I come to see your own production.


To Lucy, I selfishly added you to the team to keep you home longer and I’m so glad I did. You made the cast feel more comfortable than I ever could. Your interpersonal skills are impeccable. If there’s a job right for you, intimacy direction is definitely it.


To Ben, it has been an incredible pleasure to finish my senior year with you by my side. Your talent, knowledge, and love for the arts rise you above all others. I have no doubt that you will succeed in anything you do.


To the pit, your sound is literal music to my ears. Thank you for bringing this show to life through the musical renditions of joy, pain, and rock out rebellion.


To Emily, you are fabulous, fierce and an amazing addition to the choreographer staff in HTAC. I cannot wait to see what shows you are involved in next. Whether backstage or onstage, you shine. Thank you for being my partner in crime while bringing this show to life.


To Devin, Suhey, and Rebekah, I know when I first asked you to join you were all nervous as these positions were new to you, however, I would not have wanted any other combination of stage managers on my team. Thank you for your commitment to the position and constant willingness to learn. I hope you continue to be a part of HTAC in future leadership positions.


To the technical staff, thank you for making this show complete. The lighting, sound, and overall visuals of this production hold an enormous amount of weight in regards to spreading the message of this play correctly. You guys are backbone of this show.


To Amy and Sharon, I hope I made your jobs as easy as possible. Thank you for your constant searching for the perfect props to help illuminate each scene. Without you, what would the boys have to rock out with?


To Grace, Chelsea, Michaela, thank you for your patience with me throughout this process. You all presented me new ways of costuming this show, that I had not previously thought of. You have made the cast look amazing and have helped promote the overall message and theme of the show: reflection.  


To Victoria and Sasha, I am so happy you both agreed to work with me on this show. I loved being with you guys again and seeing the vision you planned to execute. Everyone looks exactly how I imagined, thanks to you.


To Madisyn, you have done so much for this show, I wish I could give you a thousand thank you’s. Thank you for promoting this show the way I intended and for bringing so many ideas and suggestions to the table. Your passion for your position and the arts is what HTAC seeks in its members.



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