Senior Showcase - February 19

Harris County High School

   Set List   





"What the Heck I Gotta Do"
Directed by Zay Rawls and Montaeo Bailey

Narrator- Gabe Goolsby
Justin- MJ Jenkins
Naomi- Zowie Thomas
Tevin- Autumn Stone
Derek- Katelynn Mayo
Andrew- Taylor Wicklund


”What Do You Do with a BA in English/It Sucks to Be Me”
Directed by Kylie King
Princeton- Chris Whitehouse
Kate Monster- Savannah Dew
Brian- Robbie Owens
Rhonda- Kennedy Carter
Nicky- Anna Thomas
Christmas Eve- Maxine McCalla
Gary Coleman- Dre’Kayla McCrary


Desserts Served


“God, I Hate Shakespeare”
Directed by Robert Bayer

Nick Bottom- Robbie Owens
Nigel Bottom- Madison Baker
Chorus Male 1- Rico Mora
Chorus Male 2- Gabe Goolsby
Chorus Female 1- Abby Williamson
Chorus Female 2- Savannah Bowden


"For Good"
Directed by Taylor Luiz

Elphaba- Autumn Stone
Glinda- Katelynn Mayo


"You Will Be Found"

Directed by Destiny Stanford

MJ Jenkins

Vail McGuire

Gracie Stinnette

Camille Tyler

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