The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee - October 22 - October 24, 2019

Harris County High School


Crew Members  
Costume Crew  
Autumn Stone, Madison Baker, Felicity Acosta, Avia Massey,Abby Williamson
Props Crew  
Maxine McCalla, Bailey Dial, Savannah Bowden
Emmie Roper and Catherine Grizzard
Jocelyn Peebles  
Run Crew  
Angelina Gladwin, Brittini Wall, Brynn Haberkorn, Cason Owens, Edward Dollar, Gianna Cabrera Gracie Stinnette, Katelynn Mayo, Lexi Carow, Lindsay McGuire, Logan McKeen, Megan Patterson, Taylor Harchfield, Zowie Thomas, Taylor Lowery, Vail McGuire

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