The "Harri" Awards - July 26

Harrison High School

 The Harrison Theatre Awards 

The Year in Review  
Senior Honors  
Commitment Award Recipients  
Paige Beall, Harrison Campbell, Paige Hatfield, Lana Huynh, Elle Kreun, Taneli Major, Abbie Rice, Kiana Sethna, Emily Sharpe
Distinguished Fine Arts Graduate  
Paige Beall, Olivia Durkin, Jenn Katasak, Elle Kruen, Taneli Major, Abbie Rice, Kiana Sethna
Paper Plate Awards  
Presented by  
Trinity Estes
Theatre Department and Director Awards  
Impact Award  
Encore Award  
Best On Stage Moment  
Show Stopper Award  
Most Promising Freshman  
Thespis Awards for Acting  
Best Actor  
Best Actress  
Best Supporting Actor  
Best Supporting Actress  
Ovation Awards for Technical Theatre  
Most Outstanding Performer  
Most Outstanding Technician  
The Harrison Legacy Robe Award  
The Heart of Harrison Theatre Award  

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