Beauty and the Beast Jr. - December 02 - December 03, 2022

Hemenway Elememtary


A special thank you to parent volunteer (professional Audio/Video Technician) Dan Holden, who is not only our videographer and photographer, but also our lighting person. He took all the cast and rehearsal photos and brought in his own lights so that the cast can be much more visible on stage.  We are tremendously lucky to have him volunteer his time and expertise.


Another special thank you to Hemenway Art Teacher Samantha Durrance, who volunteered her time and skills to create the Mrs. Potts costume. Not an easy task to create a “teapot” look.


A big thank you to parent volunteers Meg Tiede and Amy Mancini for the work to create this Playbill.  They worked together to find Corporate Sponsors, set up a store for family purchases of well wishes, and designed and printed them.  We think they did an awesome job!


We would also like to thank our parent volunteers for Ticket Sales, Shannon Gallant, and Lara Zelman, who set up the signupgenius, managed all communication about ticket needs, and are working the check-in and door sales table before each show. 


Another special thank you to our parent volunteer Concessions team, Claire Ostrander, and Jen McAndrew, who created a volunteer snack and table staff signupgenius, and are working the concession tables at all the shows before, during and afterwards. Also, thank you to those who donated concessions which helped to fund this endeavor.


Thank you to those who donated, created, and hunted for props, scenery, and costumes, including Hanna Christ, who sketched the scenes for the crew to paint.


And of course, we would like to recognize the invaluable assistance of the people who volunteered as Rehearsal Chaperones (huge undertaking), Crew Leaders, Raffles/Cast Wishes, and the numerous backstage roles such as costumes, hair/makeup, cast party, and child supervision.  It takes a village, and a lot of hours went into rehearsals especially. 


We appreciate those who stepped up and volunteered so that this play could happen, and so that our fifth graders could make lasting memories with their peers before they journey on to Middle School.  We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.


Finally, and most importantly, we thank the Cast and Crew of Beauty and the Beast JR!  You did it!  You showed up to auditions, you came to dozens of rehearsals, you worked through some feelings, and you did it together. You harnessed your creative energy to build sets, props, and pull together costumes. We were moved to tears on many occasions as we watched you conquer your fears, show determination to memorize your lines, songs, and dances, and absolutely shine on stage. We saw you comfort each other, lift each other up, and cheer each other on.  We are so proud of you all!  You all matter, and you each brought something special to YOUR play. We hope you had a blast and that this journey was meaningful to you. 


Break a leg!

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