Beauty and the Beast Jr. - December 02 - December 03, 2022

Hemenway Elememtary

 Well wishes 

Jason, great job on Tech Crew! We are proud of you! Love, Mama, Daddy, & Ryan


Aaron you make us proud in everything you do! Mom, Dad, Hannah, & Zachary


Nina, can’t wait to see you shine on stage! Love: Mom, Dad, Michael and Ally


Lilah, we can't wait to see you and the cast in action today. Break a leg!

Love Papa & Nana xoxo


Michael, we are so proud of the bravery you possess and the energy you bring to your role! Love, Mommy & Charlie xo


Way to go Keenan!! We love you!! Lincoln, Quentin, Michaela & Terry


We are proud of you, Frankie. Great job on tech crew! Love: Mom, Dad, and Lucy


Congrats Max! You're our favorite baker, napkin & villager! Love, Mom, Dad, and Dena


Great job, Alesha - Madame de la Grande Bouche. We love you Ông, Bà, Mẹ, Cậu Hào, Cô Trang

Break a leg our dear Nina!!! You are going to do GREAT!!!

Love, Geejo, Carolyn, Penelope, Timothy and Zachary


Lilah, looking forward to your performance, you are already a shining star, so proud of you! Love Mem, Pep & Aunt Anne


Claire! So proud of you for rocking tech crew! Love Mom and Jack


Great job Claire. Love the scenery. XO Babcha & Grampy


Break a leg Maya Holden! -- The Waddicors


Break a leg Maya Vassall! -- The Waddicors


Vivienne! You are a ray of sunshine in our family! We wish you lots of fun in the play. We love you! Nana & Dzia Dzia


Vivienne! You’re a fantastic villager, hat seller and cup! We are so proud of you! Love Mom, Dad & Catherine


Dhanishka, great job working on set and props. All the best for your performance on this wonderful stage!!


Elise, you make every stage brighter. We’re very proud of you. Love, Nana and Bumpa


Best Wishes Elise! We know you’ll do a fantastic job! Love, Mimi & Poppy


Good luck on your first of many star moments on stage, Elise! Love, Unkie Rob, Aunt Rachel, and Abby


Break a leg, Elise! Congrats to you and the cast and crew of Beauty and the Beast. Love, Aunt Lu & Uncle Bob


Break-A-Leg, Joao! We know you are a star, keep shining. We love you


MAYA: We are so proud of you! We know you will be amazing! You have worked so hard. We wish we could be there to see you but we look forward to seeing you soon. We love you! Beauty and the Beast!! - Grandpa & Namma


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