Disney The Little Mermaid Jr - June 17 - June 18, 2022

Hemenway Elementary


946 DAYS!

That is how long it has been since a 5th grade class has performed on the Hemenway Stage.  Tonight, we are thrilled and honored to dive under the sea with you, as 32 students in the Class of 2022 make their debut! 
We admit getting here was no easy task but we are determined Moms - Moms who were not going to let the pandemic stand in the way. The 5th grade play after all is an experience that countless children look forward to since Kindergarten. Our students grow up watching the 5th grade play, year after year longing for their turn to shine on stage. 
So, even before the COVID restrictions were lifted in the winter, we were at work trying to make it happen for these 5th graders. Time however, was not on our side. We had to make fast non traditional decisions and think outside of the box to pull off the play before the school year ended. The cast had to memorize their lines, songs, and choreography in record time. Each child had to take on more than one role and they did it with grace and a smile. 
We think that’s why we were continually moved to tears while watching them rehearse, knowing what these kids have accomplished in just 8 short weeks. They have bravely taken positive risks, supported each other, and most importantly believed in themselves. 
We would like to thank our Director and Choreographer, John Llewellyn, as well as Music Director, Kat Lawrence, for making this journey a joyous, memorable one for the kids. We are also grateful to Principal Liz Simon, Vice Principal Kelly Napierski, the 5th grade teachers, and LeRoy Watkins and the PTO for their unwavering support and generosity. 
We greatly appreciate our parent volunteers and all their help behind the scenes. A special shout out to Julye, Christine, Heather, Christina, Celeste, Angelina, and Naveed. Also, huge thanks to our husbands, Angelo and Chuck. No task was too big for these extraordinary Dads, who constantly went above and beyond for our Hemenway community. 
It takes a village to produce great theater! Though at times we thought this day would not be possible, together we persevered like true Hemenway Tigers. 
If you think Sebastian is right and the human world is a mess, the kids you are about to watch definitely make it a whole lot better. 
With much gratitude,
Debbi Tsekrekas and Stacey Fresco 

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