Shrek The Musical - November 19 - November 22, 2020

Highland Park High School

 End Notes 

Note from the Director:


This year has already been a year of growth and change for the theatre department at HPHS. We had a change in directors and began the process of building a recognizable brand here at the high school. From these changes and efforts, Scotlight Theatrics was born and continues its growth. The involvement from the students is increasing and we have the newly formed HPHS Theatre Booster Club. It is amazing that we have made it to where we are. When the school year began, the outlook was bleak and the possibility of us making this show happen was not good. We had so many things stacked against us, but we persevered. 


I would like to personally recognize and thank Principal Gilbert and all of the administrative team at Highland Park High School. When Mrs. Hathcock left, Mr. Gilbert placed his faith in me and laid out the path for success in these uncertain times. During the moments when we were not sure the show could continue, Mr. Gilbert and the other principals were the sounding voice of reason that kept us going. Their enthusiasm and determination to see this production gave me the strength I needed to make this show happen. Also, Mrs. Walker continues to be a force for creativity, driving us all to be and do our best. I am grateful to be working with such amazing leaders.


I would also like to thank Dana Manley, Kara Smartt, Sheri Rosen, and Ashley Meece, the leadership of our new booster club. I am thankful for their encouragement and willingness to help make this show happen. 


Finally, I would like to thank the HPHS students. Their creativity and enthusiasm have made Shrek a reality. Highland Park has a wealth of talent that is on full display in our Fine Arts programs and their drive is a constant inspiration to me. 


Thank you all for coming and I hope you enjoy our production of Shrek the Musical.


Tyler Perring

Director of Theatre

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