Rent School Edition - December 06 - December 08, 2018

Highlander Theatre Company at Somerville High School


The Highlander Theatre Company at Somerville High School wishes to thank the following individuals and organizations for their contributions to RENT.


Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone and the Somerville Board of Alderman


Somerville Public Schools Superintendent Mary Skipper and

the Somerville School Committee


Sebastian LaGambina, Somerville High School Principal

Leo DeSimone, Somerville High School Associate Principal

Richard G. Saunders and the SHS Department of Music and Theatre Arts


Somerville Department of Public Works


Mario Sousa and the SHS Carpentry Team

Clay Cochran and the SHS Metal Fabrication Team


Richard McElroy and the SHS Graphics Department


Sarah Eustis, Julia Post and the SHS Gender and Sexuality Alliance


Maria LaRossa and the SHS Dance Team


All of our Parent and Teacher Volunteers who helped us construct our set, promote our show, and keep our students fed and cared for throughout the entire rehearsal process, including:


Susie Carter

Liz Dwyer

Mike Dwyer

Kate Fanger

Jeanine Farley

Judith Felix

Karina Hicks

Alison Hook

Peg Huben

Sharyn Lamer

Janine Lotti

Christianna Morgan

Consuelo J. Perez

Cador Pricejones

Dorothy Suput

Adda Santos

Christina Savage

Deneen Scully

Vilmary Torres

Kristine Vallery

Marisa Wolsky



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