Rent School Edition - December 06 - December 08, 2018

Highlander Theatre Company at Somerville High School

 Cast and Crew 

Mark Cohen  
Sam Hook*  
Roger Davis  
Marsden Rodriguez  
Mrs. Cohen, and Others  
Rachel Vallery**  
Tom Collins  
Tristan Brown-Vazquez*  
Benjamin Coffin III  
Youdson Felix  
Joanne Jefferson  
Ashley Liberus  
A Homeless Person, A Doctor, and Others  
Lucy Gunther  
Angel Schunard  
Jaden St. Hilaire  
Mimi Marquez  
Ekaterina Hicks-Magana  
Maureen Johnson  
Isabella Milanowski*  
Mr. Jefferson, and Others  
Tom Valverde  
Mrs. Jefferson, Seasons of Love Soloist  
Sheba Odena  
Steve, and Others  
JQ Welch  
Richard, A Cop, Seasons of Love Soloist, and Others  
Alessandro Ferrari  
Ali, and Others  
Amanda Hook  
Pam, Over the Moon Backup, and Others  
Grace Lotti*  
Sue, and Others  
Mary Duffy  
Paul, and Others  
Natalie Jackson*  
Squeegeeman, and Others  
Ammie Siebler  
A Street Vendor, and Others  
Tatiana Thomas  
A Cop, A Vendor, and Other  
Leah Ackland  
A Homeless Woman, Mimi's Mom, and Others  
Tatiana Pineda  
A Street Vendor, and Others  
Sandra Mood  
A Street Vendor, and Others  
Samantha Mood  
The Man, Mr. Grey, and Others  
Jacob Benevento  
Roger's Mom, Over the Moon Backup, and Others  
Taylor Machado  
Restaurant Man, and Others  
Collin Dwyer  

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