The Marvelous Wonderettes - June 03

Highlands Lakeside Theatre

 Director's Note 

I have been a volunteer at HLT for over 8 years now, and with the many plays I have assisted in or played in, it has always been my dream to direct a musical here.


The Marvelous Wonderettes really brought a smile to my face when I was introduced to it and I was excited when I was chosen to direct this wonderful jukebox musical!

The Marvelous Wonderettes teaches us about friendship and love and this amazing cast of girls have been an inspiration to me since day one. These amazing talented women have incredibly unique personalities and each one has brought something special to this amazing show. Seeing these girls onstage each night during rehearsals, there was never a dried eye as we were all laughing or crying while they rehearsed. Most of the time we would be laughing! I love these girls and I am so thankful they auditioned and were cast in my first musical play!


My amazing production crew, and how can I forget Kevin Hacker, have been marvelous since we started this adventure back in October of last year! Without them and all their amazing help this production would not be what it is today! They have stood by my side and have supported me since day one and each one holds a special place in my heart as well! I love you guys and thank you!


To my amazing husband and kids: thank you for all your support and help with this show. This show may have been longer than expected but you have stood by my side and have helped me so much! I am so blessed and thankful to have an amazing family who not only supports me but also volunteers and supports our amazing community theatre!


They say love is a battlefield, well this show I have come to love in so many ways, and yes, it has been a battlefield. However, working with the wonderful cast and crew, we have conquered so many of the challenges and even though we didn’t originally open in March as planned, we are all excited to finally have this opportunity to share this wonderful musical to our patrons via live or streamed!


Don’t sit back! Get ready to dance and sing with amazing songs from 1958 and 1968!



Love to all ~


Jillian Febres


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