A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder - August 20

Highlands Lakeside Theatre


Crew Members  
Director/Set Designer/Sound Design/Sound Tech  
Jen Westergom  
Assistant Director/Stage Manager/Special Projects  
Kevin Hacker  
Production Assistant/Sound Tech/Special Projects  
Rhonda Wilson  
Production Coordinator  
Sullyann Hinkle  
Music Director  
Tracy Schuknecht  
Rehearsal Piano Accompanist  
Christi Hagan  
Lighting Designer  
Thor Knutson  
Lighting Designer/Acting Coach  
Laura Wade  
Lighting Gaffer/Special Projects  
Bob Jarvis  
Lighting Tech  
Brady Spencer  
Lighting Tech  
Mattie Bond  
Projection Tech  
Alysia Anders  
Costume Designer/Seamstress  
Kris Juve  
Costume Designer/Milliner/Seamstress  
Rachel Moore  
Costume Assistant/Lines Assistant  
Sue McCollum  
Costume Assistant  
Mike Mcleod  
Costume Assistant  
Elianna Hagan  
Costume Assistant  
Olivia Scott  
Costume Assistant  
Lyric Moore  
Costume Assistant  
Rose Marie Tippins  
Costume Assistant/Seamstress  
Sharon Jones  
Prop Mistress/D'Ysquith Dresser  
Tammie Pollard  
D'Ysquith's Dresser  
Diana McPhail  
Sibella's & Phoebe's Dresser  
Corin Smith  
Swing Dresser  
Brandy Bond  
Choreographer/Set Artist/Swing Dresser  
Cassady Hitt  
Set Artist  
Hannah Summer  
Set Forman/Crew Member/  
Mike McMillian  

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