Noises Off - January 14 - January 30, 2022

Highlands Lakeside Theatre

 Director’s Note 

     It is a surreal sensation to sit at my desk penning a director’s note. I never thought that Highlands Lakeside Theatre would become my home. I came to the theatre under heavy duress (I was strong armed into helping) to perform for the first time as an indian in Annie Get Your Gun. I was miserable every moment with all the singing and dancing and strange people. I swore I would never come back. Flash forward half a dozen years, and now those singing, dancing, strange people are now my family.

     Aslan Smith and Tony Toler made this journey with me. They were together with me in that first show (unlike me, they were allowed to sing and not just mouth the words), and now I have the pleasure of their acting talents being featured in Noises Off, my mainstage directorial outing. Suzanne Schilffarth, who served as production coordinator for Noises Off, was our stage manager back in that first show. Though, not in that play with us, I consider the marvelously talented Marcus Conerly as part of our clan as it was his coming to see that show that piqued his interest in HLT when he heard the announcement for auditions for Les Misérables.

     My stage wife Laura Wade has been an important touchstone through this process. Laura played my wife in Cat On A Hot Tin Roof, and it was our director (and Laura’s sister) Lindsay Lynch who inspired and pushed me to pursue becoming a director. I have been amazed at array of talent our cast has brought to the table from the experienced Margaret and Andrew Macbeth, to the up-and-coming Mariah Alavarez, Shanika “J.J.” Jeanjacques, Alysia Anders, and Ashur Ferrao. 
I am certain they will leave you smiling.

Tom Staik

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