Ghost - June 02 - June 18, 2023

Highlands Lakeside Theatre

 Director's Note 

Welcome to our production of Ghost the Musical. This endless love story began as a 1990 film featuring Patrick Swazie, Demi Moore, and Whoppie Goldburg and has been adapted as a beautiful musical play about the power of love, using "Three Little Words," and Ditto.


We have many people to thank for this production, including all of the cast and crew. This talented team has been working hard. They never lost "Focus" in order to bring this story to life on our stage and it's been a pleasure to work "With You."


Nevertheless, being a director is not all cupcakes and butterflies. There is so much "More" that goes into it. After three months of music and choreography rehearsals, set construction, scavenging for props, editing music and sound effects, creating (and constantly changing) calendars while coordinating and working around schedules for the production team and cast, the show opens and it's time to sit back and relax, right?! 


Nope, "Nothing Stops Another Day!" You can't say, "I'm Outta Here," yet!


As soon as you think, "You Gotta Let Go Now", your job is done. Here comes a cloud of "Rain" - and you have to step up and work the show! You have to be ready for anything in this role. Stay on your toes, because "Life Turns on a Dime". No use sitting around "Talkin' 'Bout a Miracle" that may not come - because the show must go on. "Here Right Now" the team, the patrons, the volunteers, the community is counting on you and it's worth it - every sleepless night. 


Take a moment and "Suspend (your) Disbelief" and enjoy the experience and accept the magic on this stage - "Ascension" and all. We want you to know that we have given it our all. And we hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Yes, there is love that transcends death. "Are You a Believer?"


Nelly Ford & Rhonda Wilson

Ghost the Musical Directors 

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