Little Girl Blou - March 24 - April 09, 2023

Highlands Lakeside Theatre

 Director's Note 


Little Girl Blou holds a special place in my heart as it is my first completed full length play. The characters in this play are based on a collection of people I have known in my life, mixed with elements of my imagination, and they have been woven into a story I believe needs to be told. This play is dedicated to all people who do not have control over their minds, but who live in a world where mental balance and control is necessary to live fully. 



I chose the city of Lafayette, LA as the setting because the two years I lived there were filled with the eccentric personalities of the people and a rich artistic culture that I thought would be fun to showcase. My favorite part of being a playwright is the opportunity to tell a story I love to an audience. Thank you all so much for being an audience to my world premier play! 



Special thank you to my cast and crew for bringing excellence to the stage in every area. An exceptional thank you to Suzanne for being my right hand. Without you, I’d be a one-handed mess of a Director.  To my Mother for always coming along for the ride with me, I love you. To my amazing family and friends- thank you for not looking at me like a fool when I say I want to write plays.  To Eric, thank you for every minute you sacrifice without me to be able to pursue my storytelling dreams.  I love you with my whole heart. 




Laura Wade

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