The Music Man - November 03 - November 19, 2017

Highlands Little Theatre


Crew Members  
Mike McMillian  
Assistant Director  
Amanda Mercer  
Musical Director  
Tracy Schuknecht  
Lindsay Lynch  
Production Coordinator  
Tanya Turner  
Lighting Design  
Steve Cullipher  
Lighting Technician  
Steve Cullipher  
Sylvia Weaver  
Sound Design  
Robert Jarvis  
Sound Technicians  
Robert Jarvis and Benton Hughes
Stage Manager  
Amanda Mercer  
Set Design  
Mike McMillian  
Set Construction  
Joe Lacotti, Mike McMillian, Dewayne Mercer, Gary Johnson, and Cast
Kathy Hunt  
Tom Staik, Bea Walsh, Helen Curcio, RoseMarie Tippins-Beringer, Amanda Mercer, Olivia Scott, Val Klocek, and Jan Gregory
Stage Crew  
Desi Charloton
Mike Gintoli
Joe Melendez




**Projection courtesy of BMD Projections**

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