Mary Poppins - August 17 - September 09, 2018

Highlands Little Theatre

 End Notes 

Mary Poppins audience,


I have had several encounters with the magic of Mary Poppins over the years...  Thanks to our scholarship committee, many years ago I traveled to NYC for a community theatre conference with some awesome people from HLT.  During that trip I learned so much and was able to see some amazing shows, one of which was Mary Poppins. Two years ago I traveled to Boston for work and was able to catch Mary Poppins at the Wheelock Family Theatre. It was a college theater very similar in size and resources to our beloved HLT.  So, when Lindsay Lynch asked if I would co-direct Mary Poppins at HLT, I jumped at the chance. What an amazing opportunity and challenge!


To my cast - Bravo!  We set a goal together to bring the magic of Mary Poppins to life and  you far exceeded my expectations. Thank you for the long nights, sore muscles, tireless notes, and time away from your loved ones.  Thank you for the hugs, bonding moments, laughs, and friendships that we have made over the last 5 months. Please know that you are appreciated and loved.  I hope you enjoy the run and make a lifetime of memories. You are "Practically perfect in every way."


I can not thank the people on my production team enough.  You will forever have a place in my heart. There are too many of you to thank individually, so I will do that in person with a hug and a smile.  For now, know that you are the unsung heroes. I am forever grateful for your talents, time and passion. Lindsay, I wish you the best of luck in Gainesville.  I will miss you more than you know and I truly hope that I made you proud of this production. You left it in loving hands. Kevin, you have been the perfect assistant director.  Thank you for being the last one standing with me every night.


I would also like to thank the board of directors, committee chairs, members, and volunteers that work tirelessly behind the scenes. You are the heartbeat of HLT. Thank you for all that you do to keep our doors open.


Lastly, I want to thank my sweet husband, Bill. Because of you, I can spend my time doing something I love and then come home to someone I love. Thank you for taking care of me.

I hope every audience member's journey to Cherry Tree Lane is filled with wonder and excitement.  Take a moment to watch a little one's face during the show. It will fill your heart and make you smile.  "All that it takes is a spark, then something plain as a park becomes a wonderland."


Jen Westergom

Director - Mary Poppins

"In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun!"


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