The Dixie Swim Club - January 12 - January 28, 2017

Highlands Little Theatre

   Director's Note   




     I would like to invite you into a world of friendships. Where the “idiot-syncrasies” that we each carry within our personalities make us cherished and lovable people to our dear ones. Where the sharing of our frail parts and strengths of self are accepted unconditionally among loving friends. And as we hear and see from this delightful play, how friendships provide places of wellness, contentment and joy that rejuvenates our daily lives. I hope that Dixie Swim Club reminds you of the specialness of your own important relationships. 


 Suzanne Schilffarth
















Special Thank You



Special thanks goes Joe LaCotti and Mike McMillan for their talents and tenacity in helping with the set. We are grateful for much of the set furnishings which are due to the kindness of Marcia Ward, our own Dinah. The lovely roses are  through the generosity of Ridge Florist, Inc. And many, many thanks to Kim Wade, my daughter, and Laura Wade for their insight and support. 


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