9 to 5: The Musical - August 16 - September 01, 2019

Highlands Little Theatre


Crew Members  
Peter Hall Pollard  
Production Coordinator  
Art Harriman  
Cassady Hitt and Andrea Hardy Stanford
Sound Design  
Robert Jarvis  
Sound Tech  
Erin Broderick  
Lighting Design  
Frank Oberhausen and Tom Staik  
Special Effects Lighting  
Thor Knutson
Robert Jarvis
Lighting Tech  
Janet Waldron
Dennis Jenkins
Stage Manager  
Mac Byron  
Stage Crew  
William Powell, Sunny Zengler, Linda Laframboise, Doreen Whitmore, Mike McMillan, Glenn Fowler
Costume Design  
Tammie Pollard  
Costume Seamstress  
Kristen Diefenthaler  
Glenn Flower
Makayla Powell
Set Design  
Frank Oberhausen  
Set Art  
Brooke Hoak  
Set Construction  
Bob Jarvis
Mac Byron
Joe Locotti
Cast of 9 to 5
Julia Laframboise  
Script Lady  
Sue McCollum  
Music Director  
Candice Anders  
Kim Strickland  

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