Les Misérables School Edition - May 10 - May 12, 2018

Holbrook High School


This year's production combined the unique and varied talents of over 100 kids, staff, and community volunteers. The entire ensemble would like to say a very special thank you to the following:


Holly Christensen and Debbie Shumway - for going above and beyond the call of duty with costumes and props. 


David Smith, David Shumway, Tom Smith for creating amazing sets that will be able to transform our stage in countless performances to come.


Kreslie and Dwayne Hawk for making our sets look the part!


Shumway Insurance for letting us have your workers! :) 


Kathleen Smith, Derek Eckman, Christine Nilson, Jonathan Jensen for the many hours spent helping these kids learn their music.


Brian Gohl for helping our audience hear.


Jacob Boyle for his handy meme skills and all things graphic designer-esk.


Bud Pack for sharing his woodworking talent and creating our fake guns.


Meghan Carbonneau for her many many hours in learning the OrchExtra program.


Sarah Meeks for getting the band students ready and conducting the pit.


Megan Gardner for driving from the valley to help us learn how to set lights.


Linda Miller for letting us raid her costumes.


Lyle Tubbs for letting us borrow their handcart.


Loni Hatch for the years worth of volunteer hours, yummy treats, love, and talents.


Jessica Hatch for helping Fantine's wig not look like it came out of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.


Kathy Carbonneau, Betty Peck, Elaine Montierth, Leone Reidhead, Karalyn Reidhead for sharing your sewing talents with us.


Mr. and Mrs. Caffey for cleaning up our show and all the many treats!


Bree Wahl, Liz Lambson for making the performer's makeup look spot on!


Mr. Phaturos for his support for the musical arts program.


Parents. We have had many late nights, thank you for your continued support! We love your children and are excited for them to feel the payoff of all the work they have put into this show. 

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