1660 Vine - A New Musical - December 09 - December 11, 2022

Hollywood High School


The Hollywood High School Performing Arts Magnet and Hollywood High School Theatre Department would like to thank the following people for their continual support and contribution:


  • Jonathan Prince, Tom Pollum, Michael Jackowitz, Stacia Fernandez, and all the production teams for PhilmCo and WitzEnd productions!

  • Our marvelous author, Jackson Prince, who's been so supportive and present throughout the process.

  • Ms. Ali Nezu, Hollywood High Magnet Coordinator, for her constant support in making the magic happen!

  • Mr. Michael Hakopian, for always making time to support, guide, and mentor the students working behind the scenes!

  • Mr. Carlos Aguilar and Ms. Stephanie Campos of LACER, for their support of the students and staff of Hollywood High School and a robust after-school arts program!

  • Dr. Sannah's Technical Theatre 1 and Technical Theatre 2 students who worked on the construction and painting of the set!

  • Our fabulous audience members like you who've come to support the show and HHS Theatre!

  • The rest of the amazing creative team for giving us this wonderful show, and everyone who chose to trust us with telling it on stage for the first time.  We are deeply grateful, and we hope we've done it justice!


We would also like to take the time to thank our Hollywood High School Administrators for their continuous supports of Arts Education at Hollywood High School:


Mr. Samuel Dovlatian (Principal)


Mr. Alonzo Jones (Assistant Principal)


Mr. Kevin Clannin (Assistant Principal)


Mr. Salvador Hermosillo (Assistant Principal)

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