Leap of Faith - May 03 - May 04, 2018

Homewood High Sch




Homewood Theatre Department wishes to give its gratitude

and thanks to:



HHS Bookkepper Pam Laseter for her never ending willingnes to

help us through any and all finanical issues!



Scott Thorne for donating his time and talents to our cast in

helping them to prepare for this show!



Leari Boyd and Neal Long for always being constructional




Mrs. Austin and her staff for keeping us clean and neat!



The wonderful and skillful folks at Spring Creek Prop Farm for

all they do to help us with our productions! 




Nicole, Aidan, Izzy and Jack Kennah for keeping the director

as sane as possible.



And most importantly, Ginger Collins, for all of her help, love,

compassion, and talent in getting our shows ready.  You are the

heart of this show Miss Ginger!!!!  




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