Peter Pan, Broadway's Timeless Musical - September 08 - September 09, 2023

Howell PAL Theatre Company

 Scenes & Musical Numbers 

ACT 1  
The Nursery at the Darling Residence
Wendy, John, Michael, Mrs. Darling
Tender Shepherd  
Wendy, John, Michael, Mrs. Darling
I Gotta Crow  
Peter Pan
Peter Pan
Flight to Neverland
I'm Flying  
Wendy, John, Michael, Peter Pan
Hook's Tango  
Hook, Smee, Pirates
Indian Dance  
Tiger Lily, Ugg-A-Wuggs
Peter Pan, Lost Boys
Hook's Tarantella  
Hook, Smee, Pirates
Liza's Dance  
Liza, Tree Dancers
ACT 2  
A Path in the Woods
I Won't Grow Up  
Peter Pan, Lost Boys, John, Michael
Oh, My Mysterious Lady  
Peter Pan, Hook
The Home Underground
Peter Pan, Tiger Lily,John, Michael, Wendy, Lost Boys, Ugg-A-Wuggs
Distant Melody  
Peter Pan
The Pirate Ship
Hook's Waltz  
Hook, Smee, Pirates
The Path in the Woods
I Gotta Crow (reprise)  
Peter Pan, Company, Liza
The Darling Nursery
Nursery Music  
Wendy, John, Michael
I Won't Grow Up (reprise)  
Mr. Darling, Mrs. Darling, Lost Boys, Wendy, John, Michael
Finale Ultimo  
Peter Pan


There will be one fifteen-minute intermission.

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