The Guys - September 10 - September 11, 2021

Huntington University



Author's Notes for the Audience: 


For audiences outside New York City, it may be helpful to know that Mark Green was a Democratic candidate for mayor. He first ran in the primary on September 11. That had to be rescheduled, and there was a run-off before he was finally defeated in the November election by Republican Michael Bloomberg. 


Rent stabilization is a regulation that affects some apartments in New York, especially for tenants who have occupied the same unit for many years. Stabilized rents are usually well below market rates. 


Flatbush Avenue is a long road in Brooklyn that was originally a path used by Native Americans then used in Colonial America, and even put to use in the Revolutionary War.  Being one of the longest roads in Brooklyn, it is well traveled and consistently busy. 


A black mourning band, which appears on Nick’s badge, is to signify respect and mourning for the death of fellow first responders.  As if looking at a clock, the band should be placed at 11 to 5 across the badge and should not exceed a width of ½ inch.

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