Godspell 2012 - December 14 - December 16, 2018

ImagineNation Theatre


Cast Members  
Jesus (Save the People/All for the Best/Alas For You/Beautiful City)  
Hayden Olds  
Robin (Day by Day)  
Juliana Craven  
John The Baptist/Judas (Prepare Ye/All for the Best/On The Willows)  
Jordan Sacchieri  
Elizabeth (Learn Your Lessons Well)  
Hailey Wolfe  
Chad (All Good Gifts)  
Elijah Flanery  
Maya (Bless the Lord)  
Erin Doyle  
Zachary (We Beseech Thee)  
Jett Latham  
Grace (Turn Back, O Man)  
Isabel Hawley  
Quinn (Light of the World)  
Travis Cook  
Sugar (By My Side)  
Lucy Adams  
Steven Franklin  


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