We Will Rock You - May 21 - May 23, 2021

Immaculate High School


The Cast and Production Team of We Will Rock You
would like to thank our generous sponsors:



Elisabeth Fontenelli



The Jarboe Family

The Reidy Family

The Vigar Family

Beautiful News Christian Books and Gifts




The Beaulac Family

The Chapleau Family

The Seaman Family

McKenna Orthodontics

Mrs. Mary Maloney

Mrs. Wendy Neil



We’d like to acknowledge the following individuals and organizations

for their continued support of the musicals at Immaculate and their special contribution to WE WILL ROCK YOU:


Don & Maureen Arsenault

Alexa Wild

Helen Story


Edmond Town Hall

The Second Governor’s Horse Guard

Tracey Reiser and Sheila E. Torres

Maxwell Barbagallo from Newtown, BSA Troop 70


Thank you to all of the parents and volunteers who have contributed to the creation of the musical.  The success of We Will Rock You truly could not have happened without your commitment to the production.  



And a special thanks to all those who donated raffle prizes:


The Baptiste Family, The Campo Family, The Chila Family, The Chronakos Family,

The Fontenelli Family, The Garvey Family, The Goodman Family, The Kearns Family,

The Pertoso Family, The Reidy Family, The Riggs Family

& Therapeutic Massage and Wellness



Filming Locations:


Edmond Town Hall

Huntington State Park

Immaculate High School

The Newtown Deep Brook Preserve

The Second Company Governor's Horse Guard

Tarrywile State Park

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