Annie Jr. - June 24 - June 25, 2022

Inspire Entertainment


Special thanks to everyone who helped make this musical come together.


We appreciate all the donations from families that made 1930s New York come to life! Because of your generosity we were able to add some really fun pieces to our set.


Thank you to the front office staff at Inspire for taking such good care of us, and constantly cleaning up the mop fuzz that got over the entire studio every rehearsal. 


Extra special thanks to the other directors who worked with us to bring everything together. Kailin, thank you for your adorable choreography, and patience as we worked through the show together.


Deann, your time with us was short, but SO incredibly meaningful. I absolutely loved working with you and hope we get to do it again sometime soon. 


Alissa, you are the glue! Thanks for stepping in and stepping up when we needed it the most. 



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